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Indoor cultivation of cannabis can produce excellent quality cannabis. It will however involve using powerful artificial lights to replicate the effects of the sun. Indoor cultivation has to be done properly for it to produce high quality cannabis. To start with, choosing the right variety of cannabis is of utmost importance. To succeed in producing the perfect recreational cannabis under artificial light depends on the following:
-The variety of the seed,
-Whether your plants have been grown from clones or seeds,
-How long your plants take before they are allowed to flower,
-The optimization of the climatic conditions in the grow room.
Adequate light

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Cannabis sativa stem longitudinal section

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In order to produce high quality cannabis, it is import for you to provide adequate lighting. Your minimum starting point should ideally be 250 watts per square meter. However, you should aim for two to three times this level if you can. High pressure sodium lamps are the most ideal for providing artificial writing.

However, you can also use fluorescent lights, LED, metal halide, as well as other types of lights can also be used successfully. More light leads to bigger, denser buds as well as superior yields. In addition, your plants will have to be near the source of light as possible in order to maximize the intensity of the light reaching the leaves as well as the buds. In most cases, a recreational grower will require a growing area measuring 1-2 meters square designed below a single 400 to 600 watts high pressure sodium lamp.
– Air
For best quality recreational cannabis, the temperature inside the glow room needs to be controlled. It should ideally be kept between 24 to30 degrees centigrade. High temperatures may cause your plants to wilt while lower temperatures can slow down the growth of your plants. Your plants also require a gentle breeze from a fan as well as a steady supply of fresh air either from outside or from your house. In addition, always ensure that stale air is extracted from your grow room continuously using a fan.
-Initial care of your cannabis plants.

Germinating marijuana seeds can be done in various ways and a lot of information on how to go about it is available online.
During the first stages of life, your seedlings will require lower light intensities, usually one meter below an HPS light. The artificial light should be left on for 18 to 24 hours every day. This is the stage in which your plants will grow roots, branches, and leaves.
For your plants to transition into flowering stage, you need to reduce daily light to 12 hours. This period lasts for 8 to 10 weeks and it is during this phase that the female flowers form. The plants gain a lot of bulk during this time and they will therefore require more bright light and nutrients. For better quality cannabis as well as higher yields, you may need to introduce supplementary lighting. At the end of this phase, the plants are cut down and the buds are dried. If you do everything correctly during the flowering phase, you will certainly harvest high quality cannabis.

You must also remember to remove all male plants since they don’t produce any buds. In addition, they can pollinate your female plants and thus reduce them to seed.
Watering your plants
If you decide to grow your plants in soil, you should avoid over watering them. This will reduce the quality as well as the yields of your plants. It will also slow the development of your plants. Only water your plants when necessary.
Lastly, growing high quality cannabis requires you to understand plant feeds. Your plants need nutrients in order for them to produce high quality cannabis.
Indoor marijuana cultivation allows your plants to grow under closely supervised environment that ensures high quality products.

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