8 ways to protect your cannabis plantation and improve yield.

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8 Tips on how to protect your cannabis plantation.

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There are a number of important factors to consider and monitor when growing cannabis plantation. The following tips are able to assist you grow healthy and strong cannabis plantation:

  1. Be careful with pests

The greatest dangers when the plants are exposed to outdoors can be the possibility of falling victim to any kind of parasite that might spoil all your efforts. These parasites could come from neighbouring plants, from trees in the area or from any other location. As a result, it is recommended that we make use of biological treatments as a defensive measure so as to combat pests with natural resources. In addition, you can as well evade having to use products such as chemical insecticides when plants are already infected. Products of the kind are more harmful and poisonous for the people living at home, also they can as well affect the quality and taste of the harvest.

  1. The key is the soil

The mixture of the soil that you grow the plant in is of vital significance as it is what maintain them during the entire flowering and growing time. Generally, you can make an efficient solid rock by mixing the 80% of suggested earth with about 20% of worm humus; afterwards add about half a kilogram of bat guano and end by seasoning the earth with a little fertilizer so as to assist and hastening growth.

  1. Control the amount of sunlight that your plants are exposed to

If at all possible, plants should get as much sun as possible. Though; if sunlight directly hits your little ones, particularly when they are only a few months old, you can try to cover them with other plants on your balcony. This will help to decrease the impact of sunlight as well as preventing the roots from overheating.

  1. Be careful with wind in high spots

If there is a lot of wind in your home, or you live in a windy corridor, during the growing period you can add stakes to the plants.


  1. Prune it when necessary in order to encourage it to grow outwards

An excellent apical pruning allows the plant to grow up outwards, as well as reducing its height. This is very significant if you do not want your plant to mature higher than the terrace wall.

  1. The choice of seeds is a crucial step

In this, it’s required to pay concentration to four main factors: quality of the crop the size, production, the plant can reach as well as the resistance to mould and disease. When taking into account these requirements, they will give you greater security when it comes to harvest. The best seeds are auto flowering feminized seeds. These types of seed usually produce plants that are shorter and quicker to flower than other types also they are less dependent on the availability of light.


  1. Watch out for the water

The essential requirement when you begin to cultivate cannabis on your balcony is to make sure that the plants have plenty of water. This is very crucial in ensuring that the rock layer remains wet throughout the germination time so as to guarantee the roots grip well as well as staying away from subsequent problems.

  1. Automatic watering could be your best friend

Most persons suggest automatic watering, so as to put off lack of attention spoiling some of plants while other persons decide doing it manually so as to monitor the growth of their little plants in greater detail. It doesn’t matter what option you choose, but rather ensure that you plants have adequate water at all times. Furthermore ensure that they do not have large amounts of water.

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